From the Desk of Vice Chancellor
In the last decade, The West Bengal University of Technology being a Centre of Excellence seamlessly engaged in National Building Exercise. The basic objective of the University is to organize undergraduate and post graduate courses of study in Engineering, Technology & Management, also in emerging areas
with a view to produce young scientists, technologist and manager of high caliber, capable of contributing towards development of the country. The University is also to develop as a Centre of Excellence for higher studies and Research in mentioned areas.

The University which began its operation only with 30 colleges mostly undergraduate, now has strength of 217 colleges with significant presence of Post Graduate courses. It slowly but gradually became the largest affiliating University in short span of time promoting Education and Research and fulfilling its objective in true sense. The increase of Post Graduate courses has provided the University an edge advantage and helped the education arena to meet the gap of future Human Resource in Education.

The Quality improvement of education and its appraisal is a major initiative taken by the University.....

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